We Can All Make a Difference

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© 2015 Carmen Waterman - The UniverseToday’s card is from the Major Arcana #21 The Universe.   This is one of the most powerful cards of the major arcana and represents a connection to all things … where all of the elements are coming together with a feeling of completeness that is undeniable.

This card illustrates that you have an angel that watches over you, a celestial connection to the universe that you are a part of.  The crescent moon blades that she holds can cut through limitations and barriers to support you. Separating the negative from the positive they are symbolic of the difficulties you have already surpassed along the way and that all things are coming together.

The Universe card is a reminder to believe in the fact that there is goodness and hope for our world.   This card is not about the challenges we face or the negative energies that are often at play or what the media would have us believe is the driving force in our lives.  This card assures you that each individual makes a difference to create peace and harmony.

This card is particularly important to me and one that when I created it was meant to provide hope as well as the message from traditional decks.  It is about connecting on more than individual and quantifiable perspectives but also on a spiritual level.  Sometimes we need to see things from a higher calling and understand that everything we do has an effect and the opportunity to succeed in protecting our world and improving our lives and those of others.

We are all connected and together we can achieve more than any of us can alone.

I appreciate the gift of this card, particularly as I have felt disconnected from some of the things I feel makes a difference.  I know it is an important part of who I am, that being able to help is core to my own individual beliefs.  I want to make more time to share, and this card is my reminder to be myself and connect with others with similar beliefs and values.

Affirmation for The Universe:

♥ We Can All Make a Difference ♥ 

Brightest Blessings

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