Three of Wands

Pagan Pride Day

I am so excited about tomorrow.  I am part of the Vancouver Island Pagan Pride day and will be there with a one day special price on the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck and intuitive tarot readings.  For more information about the day see the link below:

Vancouver Island Pagan Pride

The card I wanted to share in honour of tomorrow is the Three of Wands.  When I created this card I wanted to show the ancient connection of gypsy wisdom and spirit in providing divination and tarot readings.  Probably no surprise that my nickname for years has been RainbowGypsy and that as my tarot deck evolved it very much a part of who I am as well as a tool for connecting intuitively.


© 2015 Carmen Waterman - Three of Wands

The Three of Wands is a magical invitation to connect with the wisdom of both intuition and spirit.  The gypsy in front of her tent uses her gifts to allow her to see beyond the physical plane and to unravel the many layers of potential that a given situation holds.  The wand she carries is a talisman to her ability to connect with mysterious and unknown realms. She is aware of her gifts and enjoys the opportunities to share this with the world.  She loves freedom and is always eager to move on to new adventures and places.  Her home is where her heart is and she takes that everywhere she goes.  The Three of Wands is about vision and insight and seeing the bigger picture of future prospects and opportunities.

I have always been drawn and attracted to gypsies though it wasn’t until later in life that I wished I had taken the opportunity as a child when my grandparents were alive to find out more about my Ukrainian heritage.  I am very much a free spirit and know I will love to be alongside the water, listening to the many musicians they have arranged for the days event.  It will be wonderful seeing all of the vendors with their tents and items for sale, and will definitely be an opportunity to connect with kindred spirits.

This is a great card for me as well as so many things are beginning to open up.  Projects that have been long in the making are just in the final stages of editing before sending them out into the world and exciting new ones are coming to life.

May the gift of the spirit fill your day with joy and blessings


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