Three of Cups

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The Easter long weekend is a perfect time to reflect on and share the Three of Cups. It is about sharing the joys of life with the people that mean the most to you.  It is about coming together and connecting and being there for each other. The people you care about need to know you appreciate them and reminds us about sharing those emotions.  Being able to express how you feel is important. The people in your life you care about are important. This card reminds us to take time away from the ‘busy activities’ that keep you running and to step back and enjoy the company of others. Too often we get too busy to make time for joyful communion and celebration.

Maybe someone you know could really use a visit or just knowing that you are there for them. Don’t take for granted that they already know, and that it doesn’t need to be said. Reach out and enjoy the opportunity of being together.

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