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The Traveller Emerges

© 2015 Carmen Waterman - 0 The TravellerThanks to an awesome prompt from some special friends I thought I would share with you the story behind the first card in the Major Arcana in the Rainbow Travellers deck.  The Traveller (or what most decks call The Fool) was actually not one of the first cards that I created for the tarot deck.  She emerged at a very pivotal time of my life as I had been working on creating cards as they emerged often based on a particular situation or inspiration at the time.  Like many of you my deck has been several years in the making and yet there were some of the cards that seemed elusive.  The Traveller was one of them.

I started out life believing and being told I had no artistic ability, along with negative messages about being a dreamer like that was a bad thing (go figure).  So I did what most people do to succeed, I focused on the things that others needed of me and I seemed to have a knack for.  Then I found a creative medium that I loved and digital art became a passion of expression, discovery and healing.

The Traveller emerged when I finally decided that I was actually ready to take that leap of faith and truly embrace what I’ve always wanted to do, “to make a difference in the lives of others by being my authentic self.”  I was no longer able to put on a mask or fit in a box that was defined by visions and policies that were not my own.

I used to be told as a teenager to “get my head out of the clouds.”  Well the traveller in this card is not only happy to have her head in the clouds she is ready to reach out and tap into that Rainbow that she loved as a child, always remembering the stories of being able to find a treasure at the end of the rainbow.  The treasure I and The Traveller is seeking is her own path, her own journey and doing it in her own way.

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    This is a beautiful post, Carmen. We are all blessed that you took that leap 🙂

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