© 2015 Carmen Waterman - 17 The Star

The Star

© 2015 Carmen Waterman - 17 The Star

Another of the images for the new Rainbow Travellers Tarot – The Star

As the days pass in the campaign I’m more and more excited. The gallery now has a display of 30 of the cards in the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.

It is such a blessing to get comments, feedback and supporters who are sharing the link to my campaign. You are the greatest and I truly appreciate every time someone shares the link, tweets about the deck and helps me to get the word out to others.

You will see that in the latest gallery addition another difference in this deck from the standard archetype for one of the Major Arcana cards. 12 The Hanged Man has been replaced with 12 Letting Go. This card has significant meanings when it appears and the vision for this card came at a time when I needed to hear its message.

Thanks for sharing this journey with me and helping in any way that you can.

Blessings of gratitude and joy!

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