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The Hierophant

© 2015 Carmen Waterman - 5 The HierophantI Believe

Now that I am finally feeling better I wanted to get back into the practise of drawing a card for each day.  This will be my way of sharing more of my cards and what Spirit is guiding me to share with everyone for the day.  While we will all be doing and going through different activities, joys or challenges I believe there is a connection that we all have in this beautiful world we live in and I am excited to begin this new feature on my blog.

The Hierophant in the Rainbow Travellers Tarot  is our divine connection between our physical and spiritual world.  For me it was natural to create an angel that holds the key to this. A very special guardian angel that is there with messages of hope and support.  The key he holds is available to anyone if you are willing to search for the answers, to discover your own truth and inner values and convictions.   It is so important to define what is right for you.  If you take the time to do the soul work involved you will find your guide and be able to connect with the gift of spirit.

The Hierophant is always there with sacred wisdom to share if you call upon him.   Do what feels right for you when you ask for his assistance.  This may take the form of meditating, praying, journalling or just speaking directly through your mind and heart. He is the key to your higher purpose and to the divine source that connects us all.  He will remind you that you have the key to achieve anything you set out to do.  This card asks if you are putting your faith in the right place, people, or the ideas and opinions of others.

I believe in angels and am comforted in knowing I can reach out to them.  This card is very much about connecting with those guides.  If something doesn’t feel right, it could be that the Hierophant is trying to get you to examine if you need to learn more about a situation before you make a decision, or when you are feel you need a change in direction.  It encourages you to take the steps towards all the knowledge and learning that is available to you and to call upon your angel for help. Find that guide/mentor/angel that you can trust and never give up, you are not in this alone.

I wanted to share a song that I think embodies the way this card is speaking to me today.  It is “I Have A Dream” by Abba. This YouTube video is beautiful and the images are wonderful for the lyrics.


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  1. Aaron Lozano
    | Reply

    Great insight on the hierophant. This card use to always confuse me. Blessed be.

    • Rainbow Travellers
      | Reply

      Thanks so much Aaron, it is awesome sharing the messages from the cards as I believe we can always help each other to continue to learn and grow. Your insights are always appreciated. Blessings to you and yours.

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