The Empress Trumps the Rat Race Every Time

The Empress is connected to the simple earthbound gifts the world has to offer. She symbolizes the earth mother with unconditional love for all beings and life. She embraces the principles of love, beauty, and harmony seeking to create a nurturing environment. Her understanding is infinite and her caring nature allows you to grow, blossom and transform.

Time and Priorities

This major arcana card represents the tender connection between our natural surroundings and the people in our lives. It reminds you of the balance that is needed to sustain the resources on our planet which can so easily be harmed without care and attention. It symbolizes the beauty that is all around you if we allow ourselves the time to be present and enjoy the simple treasures of nature. It prompts you to make time to walk in the countryside, breathing deeply, and not being blind to the amazing flora, wildlife and scenery all around you. Too often we are too busy to take the time to enjoy the simple things that are a part of our outer landscapes that are true gifts and blessings right in front of our own eyes.

Understanding and Support

The Empress encourages you to see and cherish the world we live in and know that there are infinite rewards in sharing in the nurturing and development of family, friends, and community. In a world where there is much neglect, the Empress is a beacon of hope to many. She is the earth angel that touches the souls of others by being gentle and accepting others with empathy and understanding.

Peace and Hope

When the Empress appears in a reading it is an indication of caring and hope. She reminds you of the need to connect with that which brings you joy. If this is something that is missing in your life you need to begin with connecting with the gentleness of nature, for it will always welcome your presence if you honor it in return. If your mind and heart are heavy, taking the time to sit quietly amongst the trees and waterways can bring peace and healing.

Status and the Rat Race

As a guide, the Empress leads you to enjoyment, peace, pleasure, and fulfillment in ways that have nothing to do with advertising commercials, media and what “keeping up with the Joneses” might dictate. She is a reminder that being on automatic and chasing the status quo and living without being connected to your own life’s purpose is something that will leave you feeling lost and empty.

The Empress’s Blessing

I am thankful for my deep connection to nature and our earth mother, for the majestic beauty that is there for me to see daily if I only take the time to stop and truly look.

May the gift of the Empress be present in your life, experiencing the simple joys that can bring such hope and transformation.

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