Opening Windows to Your Authentic Self

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Opening Windows to Your Authentic Self is an opportunity for you to complete the MBTI assessment and have it personally verified during a one-on-one session with me. This will include an online questionnaire which you will complete. Within 2 days of completing the assessment tool I will provide you with a personal 90 minute coaching session that will include:

  • your MBTI assessment results;
  • the basics of your personality preferences;
  • the keys to communication with others;
  • potential blind-spots that you may have; and
  • a personal tarot reading.

The combination of understanding your personality preferences is a key to how you connect with the world and what opportunities that may help you to life an authentic and happy life. The tarot reading will be based on your assessment as well as any question you may want clarification or guidance on. When we understand ourselves we are able to make better decisions. It also helps us to deal with others who are so different and often times difficult.



What people are saying about working with meĀ 

The Myers Briggs session with Carmen was incredibly helpful to me. The biggest benefit was learning how I dealt with situations. I have used some of the information I gained to work my way through some major problems. You are a great coach and an amazing woman.




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