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On May 30th, 2019 the eBook “Reading Intuitively” will be available which will take you on a more profound level of your journey into the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.   This new eBook will take the reader on the exciting voyage of tapping into their own intuition when reading with the cards from this deck.

“Reading Intuitively” will provide you with a much more in-depth approach.  The book will provide you with a foundation to start from and a series of questions for each card that will help you to access your own intuition and provide you with practices that you can use with any tarot or oracle deck.




Go deeper than memorising card meanings

Anyone can use a tarot deck, select cards and read what the guide book says about it.  What that experience doesn’t do is tap into your own inner wisdom and the message the cards have when you look more deeply into the imagery and its connection with the other cards.

The eBook will use the Rainbow Travellers Tarot as examples however the questions and method of reading the cards will help you to become more in touch with the messages the cards hold for you.

This is not a short little guide book, it is a very detailed journey into the how the cards relate to life experiences.   At more than 40,000 words and accompanied by the colorful artwork of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot cards you will find yourself immersed in a world of magic, hope, challenges and insights that easily parallel the complex nature of the human experience in mind, body, heart and spirit.


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