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How do you feel when you are living your dreams? Most times it is everything you could have hoped for.  Life still has its way of throwing you curve balls, which my friend is not going to change.  What does though is how you feel about yourself and getting up the next morning!!

It took several years and then a leap of faith to commit to working on my tarot deck full time to get where I am today.  Shipping out the special limited edition copies of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot internationally!

As of tomorrow the decks will be shipping out to people who have become my first customers (cherished and precious each one of them) to places such as:

  • British Columbia, Alberta and Manitoba in Canada
  • Texas, Florida, Colorado, and Virginia in the United States
  • England
  • Ireland
  • Germany and
  • Australia

This is the stuff dreams are made of.  Creating this deck and self-publishing here in Canada was very important to me.  I found an amazing local printer that has done a fabulous job of printing and cutting the smooth rounded edges that make these 3×5 cards so awesome to work with.  The fully lined tarot bags that the cards come with are hand sewn by our daughter who is a stay-at-home Mom.


Each of the cards has its own story to tell and the deck comes with a 48 page Guidebook that provides a short description one particular message the cards have, some key words that will also help you to connect to its meaning along with 2 questions you might ask yourself when this card appears.  There is much more to the cards that will become clearer the more you work with them and if you are able to connect with your own intuition and guides.

Also included with each deck is a numbered Certificate of Authenticity.  This limited Edition First Print is 300 decks.  All of the Guidebooks will also be signed making these a great gift or collector’s deck for yourself that is totally Canadian made, printed, and published.

Certificate of Authenticity


I am so excited to be sharing the Rainbow Travellers Tarot with the world!  Continuing this journey of living my dreams and hopefully helping others to believe in the magic of their own dreams!!  I have been so blessed and can truly say “Dreams Do Come True!”

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  1. Chloe
    | Reply

    Ooh, I love all the little touches you’ve added – really beautiful! Looking forward to seeing it “in the flesh” 🙂

    • Rainbow Travellers
      | Reply

      Thanks Chloe, it is so exciting to hear from everyone when they receive the cards and how they are using them. This is so wonderful and it is such a gift to have made new friends like you through the cards.

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