In today’s complex world it is becoming more and more important for your own health and well-being to be “Your Authentic Self.” We are so often challenged to be what others expect of us, and whether that pertains to our roles at work, at home, or in social and community settings it is easy to lose our sense of self and feel that no one understands us. Communication is a skill we all need to succeed and thrive, yet it is a skill so few people understand how to develop. It is a fact that the biggest distance between two people is “misunderstanding.”

So how do you bridge these challenges? How do you confidently recognize your own style and strengths? How can you begin to understand others when they seem to be “totally” foreign or different than yourself?

The MBTI (Myers Briggs Type Indicator) is a tool that has been used globally for decades in helping people to understand their own significant and innate preferences. Discovering your own style preferences and what sets them apart from others, helps you to clearly understand where conflict begins and how to approach situations with ease. It is also an amazing tool to help you to understand important aspects of your own style and personality that help you to determine best choices to living a life inspired by your own strengths, needs and individual dreams and passions. We are all uniquely different and I found that discovering and understanding my own MBTI type has given me so much more awareness and understanding. For me it explained so many things that just never fit before. I didn’t connect with my own zodiac sign and even when I considered the other aspects of my moon and rising signs, nothing has come closer to truly identifying important aspects of who I am and what I need to feel inspired and happy. Discovering my personality preferences was amazing and is the reason I took the training to become a certified MBTI practitioner.

The assessment tool that is used to determine your unique preferences are based on 4 aspects of your authentic self:

  • how you communicate and feel energised (extroversion and introversion);
  • your preferred method of taking information in (sensing and intuition);
  • what factors are most important when you make decisions (thinking and feeling); and
  • how you like to orient yourself in the outer world (judging and perceiving).

One of the important parts of working with a certified practitioner is they are trained to assist you to understand your results and help you to self-confirm the results of the assessment tool. There are often indicators that can be confusing if an individual is conflicted in terms of their preferences and if the results are borderline between the two distinctions. I have worked with hundreds of people helping them to use this tool in the area of employee development, career planning, and communication. Combining it with my intuitive tarot and skills as an empath has put me in a unique position to really help others utilise this tool and open their life to a whole new level of self-awareness, understanding, and the keys to living an authentic life.

How I can help you!

I have just added a program to my shop that will provide anyone that is interested in a detailed assessment of their specific type, as well as a one-on-one coaching session that includes a tarot reading. So many people feel that a tarot reading based on their MBTI type is so much more accurate than by their zodiac sign. The reason for this is you have actually had input into what helps to determine your personality preferences. It is like a whole new opportunity opens up for you to look at where you are in your life and where you want to be.

For more information on this check out this my shop or this linkĀ Opening Windows to Your Authentic Self