Life Interupted

Life Interrupted

Life Interupted

In 2012 I took the leap of faith that we find is the entire message behind the first card in the Major Aracana. I left my corporate career to follow the dreams my heart and spirit had sang to me for so long. It was exciting, scary and the most rewarding thing I have ever done. I curated a digital art show in the Valley of more than 12 local digital artist, had my own showing of my artwork at a local coffee shop and finished and self-published The Rainbow Travellers Tarot. It was the beginning of bringing together years of artistic creation and passion and actually stepping out and sharing it with the world. What a rush! People either looked at me with admiration for what they said took a whole lot of courage, or with that glazed look that says “What is she thinking?” It’s funny to find out just where people really stand when you actually do take the risk and those steps towards living your dreams.

Just after the whirlwind of beginning on this brand new adventure, as life would have it life through me a curve ball that I could never have expected. It was life altering and meant that someone I loved needed both Jane (my wife) and my support to find their way back from the depths of illness and breakdown. You can say it never fails, just when you think you know where you are headed life hits you up side the head and makes you realize you really are not in control. What was undeniable was we were needed and if there is a silver lining in a tragic and heart breaking situation I was now self-employed and didn’t have to answer to a boss who would never have understood or much less allowed me to have the time off from the office that I needed to support my family. Two years later, I would have changed nothing, I never regretted leaving my corporate job and I certainly do not regret focusing the time, attention, love and support that was so needed. And you probably guessed it, Murphy’s law means that well, not just one tragic situation is ever enough so we worked through the heartbreaking death of my mother, realizing how she had built this big defensive wall around herself so that no one really knew how ill or hard life had been for her. Estranged for more than 15 years I was able to reconnect and share in her last months, letting her go knowing that I did and would always love her. Add to this the incomprehensible pain my wife had been experiencing for 2+ years that doctors were unable to diagnose and find ease for. Month/Years of appointments, specialists, tests, trial solutions all of which did nothing until two months ago the universe gave her a break with a locum doctor, and a surgeon who were willing to listen, see her pain and finally do a surgery that has thankfully reduced the pain she has lived with for so long. The relief of not feeling like you had been stabbed continually day and night is a blessing. If you’ve made it this far I promise not to go on with many more details. Our lives are often interrupted by suffering, challenges, heartache and fear. What helps is not being alone, reaching out and asking for help when you need it and being there for those you love when they need you. Well that is the what helps us to be resilient and never give up!

So after some really difficult times I am finding my way back to doing more of what I started when I first created the Rainbow Travellers Tarot and here is the great news!! The eBook I have been working on is almost ready for release!! Woohoo!! Yes it has taken me way longer than I ever imagined but it is almost ready to be delivered to a computer/tablet/e-reader close to you!!

On March 31st, 2014 the eBook “Intuitive Reading” will be available which will take you on a more profound level of your journey into the Rainbow Travellers Tarot. This new eBook will take the reader on the exciting voyage of tapping into their own intuition when reading tarot cards.

Anyone can use a tarot deck, select cards and read what the guide book says about it. What that experience doesn’t do is tap into your own inner wisdom and the message the cards have when you look more deeply into the imagery and its connection with the other cards.

“Intuitive Reading” will provide you with a much more in-depth approach to reading cards. The insights and approaching to accessing your own intuition will be practises that you can use with any tarot or oracle deck. The eBook will use the Rainbow Travellers Tarot as examples however the questions to ask yourself and the ability to see more than what is a short printed explanation will help you to become more in touch with your own guides. This is not a short little white book it is a very detailed journey into the tarot and the lessons and experiences we share in our lives. At more than 40,000 words and accompanied by the colourful artwork of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot cards you will find yourself immersed in a world of magic, hope, challenges and insights that easily parallel the complex nature of the human experience in mind, body, heart and spirit.
The following subjects will be Included in this eBook:

  • Selecting a deck you connect with
  • Caring for your cards
  • Setting the stage to read intuitively
  • Individual cards (from the Rainbow Travellers Tarot) and what to look for
  • In-depth interpretations that can be unravelled to illuminate the wisdom and messages
  • Questions to ask yourself about what else you see, feel and sense
  • Questions the cards have for the querent/person you are reading for
  • Doing readings for yourself and others
  • Card spreads and general readings

We all have the ability to access messages intuitively; this eBook will get help you start to take those first few steps to embracing the wisdom, understanding and clarity that the tarot can help you find.
Pre-orders will be taken for the introductory price of $100.00 for the “Rainbow Travellers Enthusiast Pack, which includes the 78 card Rainbow Travellers Tarot Deck and a signed copy of the Guide to the Rainbow Travellers Tarot booklet, a handmade tarot bag for your new 78 card deck, a numbered Certificate of Authenticity, a signed 5×7 print of your choice of one image from the web-based gallery of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot Cards. This will make a fabulous holiday gift for yourself or someone you know who has a passion for the mysteries of Tarot.

If you are interested in pre-ordering and having the cards available in time for the holidays  please click on this link which will take you to the Rainbow Travellers Store. Purchases can be made using PayPal or a personal Credit Card.

I am so excited to be finding my way back to sharing and creating offerings that can make a difference. Be happy and know that while life sometimes takes us off course, there is no time like now to get back on the path you have always meant to travel.

Brightest Blessings

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  1. Aileen Paul
    | Reply

    What about those of us that purchased our decks when they first came out?? There was supposed to be an e-book then. Do I have to pay for it again?

    • Rainbow Travellers
      | Reply

      No in fact you will be receiving an additional gift that will come with that. I had hoped that I could have these available so much sooner but life took me away from being able to complete it and those that have been so patient will be recognized and still receive everything.

      I’m sorry it has taken so long
      My humblest of apologies

      • Rainbow Travellers
        | Reply

        Those who have purchased these in advance will receive something in the mail soon.


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