Five of Pentacles and the Search for Hope

Life can be such a struggle. So many people are suffering.  I am saddened by the tragic event yesterday in one of our small communities on Vancouver Island.  What drives a middle-aged man to return to a former place of employment with a gun?  In a matter of moments, two lives are ended and countless others are shattered.  We are all reminded that in a blink of an eye we could lose everything, including those whom we love.

I am feeling raw as my heart aches so deeply.  I have so many dear friends and loved ones right now who are overwhelmed by the pain of their chronic illnesses and the seemingly unending challenges life seems to place before them.  I understand first hand the debilitating fatigue of chronic pain and depression.  I walk that path with so many others and the outside world has no idea how much courage it takes to hold on to that thin sliver of hope that some days seems all but invisible.

I’ve hit that wall and am reaching out and getting help.  When the dust settles there may be those who don’t understand or may judge the decisions and steps I have to take.  I will work hard at letting that go.  I am grabbing that fading sliver of hope and will begin to rebuild.

The Five of Pentacles can represent a difficult time or challenge, though there is also a strong message that comes with it.

Your angels are always present, ready to help if only you would reach out.  You are not alone, that is merely a feeling that will drift away when you connect with the divine presence of your guardian angel.  They will help you to face the challenges that are weighing you down.  They will help you to find your own wings so that you can lift yourself above the present circumstances.  If you allow them, there are those that would gladly come forward to help you.  Don’t think you have to go it alone.

I start today – May 1st with the gentle promise to focus on self-compassion, letting go of doubt, letting go of judgement and guilt.

Today’s affirmation or Metta with a candle lit for all in need.

May I be safe
May I be free of suffering
May I be happy

May all of you.. be safe
May all of you…be free of suffering
May all of you…be happy.

Brightest Blessings from my heart to yours.

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