Eight of Wands

© 2015 Carmen Waterman Eight of Wands

I am so loving the change in weather and the beginning of Fall.  It is my favourite season of all.  It comes with cooler weather and the magnificence of brilliant colours.  There is an energy that comes alive this time of year, both as Fall here and Spring in the Southern hemisphere approaches.

The card for today is filled with the energy that is in my heart, the Eight of Wands.

The unbridled power in this card is tangible as she embraces her natural gifts.  She holds the wand above her head in celebration and acknowledgement of the joy and freedom of what she has accomplished.

When The Eight of Wands comes into your life it is an indication that you will be receiving new information, skills or talents that are going to sweep you into a flurry of exciting changes. It is like a new door has opened and you have found the key to making it all happen. The universe has a way of helping us to manifest what is our true purpose and this card is your messenger that the time is now.

May your days ahead be filled with the energy and wisdom that you can do anything you dream of doing!

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