Three of Cups

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    The Easter long weekend is a perfect time to reflect on and share the Three of Cups. It is about sharing the joys of life with the people that mean the most to you.  It is about coming … Read More

Healer of Pentacles

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Tarot as a Healing Tool Tarot and healing have always gone together for me.  From the early days when I was first learning the tarot and was doing readings for myself,  it was always an opportunity for me to see … Read More

Eight of Wands

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I am so loving the change in weather and the beginning of Fall.  It is my favourite season of all.  It comes with cooler weather and the magnificence of brilliant colours.  There is an energy that comes alive this time … Read More

Three of Wands

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Pagan Pride Day I am so excited about tomorrow.  I am part of the Vancouver Island Pagan Pride day and will be there with a one day special price on the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck and intuitive tarot readings.  For … Read More


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At first I was sure that I would not be able to see the eclipse of the full moon tonight.  The sky was thick with clouds and yet the wind blew and in time we were able to watch the … Read More

Total Lunar Eclipse

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The first of 4 lunar eclipses’ of 2014 will take place during the night between April 14 -15 beginning at 2:00 AM EDT.  This full moon is called the Blood Moon due to the red hue during its total eclipse. … Read More

Rainbow Psychics Radio

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Something special this Saturday, April 5th. A radio show featuring yours truly about making the connection with tarot and the energy healing of Reiki. It airs at 1:00 PM Pacific and 4:00 PM. Eastern time. It’s free and I’d love … Read More

Ace of Pentacles

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Exciting New Endeavours April is going to be an interesting and exciting month.  There are so many new things on the horizon.  I have a new eBook that will soon be launched and shortly after that an online course on … Read More

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