Total Lunar Eclipse

The first of 4 lunar eclipses’ of 2014 will take place during the night between April 14 -15 beginning at 2:00 AM EDT.  This full moon is called the Blood Moon due to the red hue during its total eclipse. … Read More

Life Interrupted

In 2012 I took the leap of faith that we find is the entire message behind the first card in the Major Aracana. I left my corporate career to follow the dreams my heart and spirit had sang to me … Read More

Hope is in the Air

It is Thanksgiving here and my favourite season. I love fall with all its splendour and colours. The air is crisp and change is just around the corner. Soon the wind will have aided in the journey of all the … Read More

The Hierophant

I Believe Now that I am finally feeling better I wanted to get back into the practise of drawing a card for each day.  This will be my way of sharing more of my cards and what Spirit is guiding … Read More

Facing our Emotions with Compassion

Today I woke feeling totally raw on an emotional level.  Physically I felt drained and like I had been through a huge ordeal.  I wasn’t sure what was at the base of these feelings however I did not try to … Read More

13th Full Moon of 2012

Today heralds a very special full moon, the 13th and last full moon of 2012.  I have always been drawn to the moon so it is no surprise that my muse felt a deep desire to create an image that … Read More

Tarot and Healing

I spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday with 4 lovely ladies sharing the wisdom of Intuitive Readings. The workshop gave them an opportunity to delve into reading the cards without the use of the little white book and to tap into … Read More