Seven of Pentacles

My card for today is the Seven of Pentacles. It’s message is about the importance of stopping and taking time to check in with yourself. Sometimes we get so busy doing “stuff” that we don’t see the little signs that … Read More

The Tower and The Chariot

A few days ago a good friend shared a link with me about my birth cards. Imagine my surprise to find that The Tower and The Chariot are mine. Well ok, I guess it wasn’t really a surprise, I’ve been … Read More

Tarot and Healing

I spent a wonderful afternoon yesterday with 4 lovely ladies sharing the wisdom of Intuitive Readings. The workshop gave them an opportunity to delve into reading the cards without the use of the little white book and to tap into … Read More

The Muse of Cups

Card for tonight – the Muse of Cups The Muse of Cups is a guide that I welcome this evening and in my life. She is full of eager and joyful inspiration and knows the value of play and companionship. … Read More

In Time for Christmas

With the holidays fast approaching I wanted to add a little something extra in the order for anyone that wants to purchase the Rainbow Travellers Tarot for themselves or a loved one. So from now until the 10th of December … Read More

Intuitive Readings Workshop

Note: The workshop below was a huge success and others will be scheduled in the New Year so check back for updates regarding new workshops and dates. ♥ ¸.•*`*•.✰¸.•*`*¨♥ `*•..¸♥ A 3-hour Intuitive Readings Workshop will be held on Saturday, … Read More

Have Fun Today

Today’s card is from the suit of Cups and is a true delight.  The Nine of Cups is often referred to as the wish card, and who wouldn’t be happy about having wishes granted.  This card is about the fulfillment … Read More

Artist-Healer Circle

I was honoured to be invited to be a guest in the Artist-Healer Circle at Lilywheel Slide Studio. The hostess and owner of the site, Hali, is a bright and beautiful soul who shares so much love and light with … Read More


As people receive their copies of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot and it continues to be shipped out to locations all around the world I am touched by the comments and feedback I am getting about them.  As an artist and … Read More

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