Seven of Wands – Just Do It!

Today my tarot cards have a special message for me in the Seven of Wands. Perhaps not surprising when yesterday I was reminded to dream and imagine all of what I want to accomplish that today the message is to … Read More

What are Your Dreams?

Getting back on track and using the Rainbow Travellers Tarot deck to provide daily insights is great fun for me and today’s card is one of my favourites! The Seven of Cups is ripe with the opportunity for us to … Read More

Direction for the New Year

2012 ended with heart aching concern for people that I love dearly and are truly struggling, not just for the past day, week or month but for some time now and things just haven’t really let up at all for … Read More

13th Full Moon of 2012

Today heralds a very special full moon, the 13th and last full moon of 2012.  I have always been drawn to the moon so it is no surprise that my muse felt a deep desire to create an image that … Read More

Letting Go

In the Rainbow Travellers Tarot #12 of the Major Arcana is called “Letting Go.” In traditional and archetype decks this card is the Hanged Man and is often represented by images of a man tied upside down. When I was … Read More

A Special Review from Bonnie Cehovet

I am very lucky and happy to share this review of the Rainbow Travellers Tarot with you.  Bonnie Cehovet is a Certified Tarot Grand Master, a professional Tarot reader with over fifteen years experience, a Reiki Master/Teacher and a writer. … Read More

The Blessings of Spirit

The card for today is the Five of Wands.  This card is often read as one of competition and a need to prove yourself.  Challenges may be present that are in conflict with your own values.  Have you been finding … Read More

The Muse of Pentacles

My card for today is the Muse of Pentacles.  I love when my muse arrives with messages for me and the Muse of Pentacles is delightful.  She is the inspiration and encouragement to truly manifest what you have been working … Read More

Mentor of Cups

Today’s card is the Mentor of Cups.  In the Rainbow Travellers Tarot, the court cards have been given a new role as Guide Cards.  Our guides are such a blessing in our lives and it is fitting that they hold … Read More

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