Comfort in Times of Trouble

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Today I begin again. Turning to my cards during this time of grief is like calling upon a long and trusted friend. For today I went in search of a guide that I knew I needed and The Healer of … Read More

Four of Swords

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The Ever Present Need to Unwind Today’s card is the Four of Swords which is a card that encourages us to step away from activity and connect with the energy that recharges us. How appropriate for this to be the … Read More

Staying the Course

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The protector in this card is seen kneeling above treasures that have been collected over time. He is on guard and will ensure that those things which you hold most valuable are safe. He has his back to the clouds … Read More

Trading Impatience for Optimism

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Are you feeling impatient or thinking that things are taking too long? Well today’s card “The Sun” in the major arcana encourages us to be patient and to trust in a future that is bright with promise. When The Sun … Read More

The Saving Grace of Solitude

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The card I drew today was The Hermit who comes quietly into our lives to show us the way of inner reflection and wisdom. It heralds a time of letting go of social activity and just being present in the … Read More

Dare to be Fantastic!

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Look at you!! The Eight of Pentacles is a card that signifies all that you have been working at is coming together! You may finally begin seeing your efforts and abilities are being recognized and opportunities to grow are opening … Read More

Attune Magazine and The Lovers Card

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I’m so excited to be featured in the January edition of Attune Magazine. Take a look through this incredible edition as there is awesome articles and artwork from many tarot creators and enthusiasts. The Lovers Card for the Rainbow Travellers … Read More

Making a Wish ComeTrue

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So how do you go about making a wish or dream come true? Often it takes time and effort, setting goals and never letting the dream that is important to you fade from your mind and heart. It takes baby … Read More

Seven of Wands – Just Do It!

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Today my tarot cards have a special message for me in the Seven of Wands. Perhaps not surprising when yesterday I was reminded to dream and imagine all of what I want to accomplish that today the message is to … Read More

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