Be Your Own Star and Shine

What could be more magical and hopeful than the components of The Star in the major arcana? Stars have always been a symbol of hope and have served over the ages to guide ships at sea keeping them on course … Read More

Three of Swords

From Adversity to Triumph Today’s card is for someone special who drew this card the other day. The Three of Swords is a time for growth and expression. A deep and profound connection of mind, body, and heart. The champion … Read More

Two of Pentacles

Choices, Balance and Priorities… Oh My! Today’s card is particularly important for so many of us. The Two of Pentacles is all about choices and balance. When this card comes into your life it is a sign that you could … Read More

The Hierophant

I Believe Now that I am finally feeling better I wanted to get back into the practise of drawing a card for each day.  This will be my way of sharing more of my cards and what Spirit is guiding … Read More

Facing our Emotions with Compassion

Today I woke feeling totally raw on an emotional level.  Physically I felt drained and like I had been through a huge ordeal.  I wasn’t sure what was at the base of these feelings however I did not try to … Read More


Embracing Ourselves When the Temperance card comes into your life it is an indication that you are or need to focus on bringing balance into your life. It encourages you to take time for inner reflection and examination. Self-awareness is … Read More

Beltane Blessings

April showers have fed mother earth and the land is now ready for planting. The frost and darkness of winter has ended as the days continue to grow longer and warmer. It is a time to invite abundance and joy … Read More

Mastering Your Own Destiny

The young woman in this card is confidently holding onto the hands of the clock. She is not about to let time slip away from her without making each moment count. She is ever present in the moment and willing … Read More

Your Heart is Your Compass

Today’s card is the Two of Cups is about deep connection and the opportunity to find healing and understanding. This can relate to a relationship that has been clouded by misunderstanding or a situation in which your own emotions have … Read More

Angels all Around Us

Today I wanted to share a particular card that has truly evolved since it was created for the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.  The Protector of Wands or what in many traditional decks is the Knight of Wands has taken on a … Read More

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