Five of Pentacles and the Search for Hope

Life can be such a struggle. So many people are suffering.  I am saddened by the tragic event yesterday in one of our small communities on Vancouver Island.  What drives a middle-aged man to return to a former place of … Read More


At first I was sure that I would not be able to see the eclipse of the full moon tonight.  The sky was thick with clouds and yet the wind blew and in time we were able to watch the … Read More

Total Lunar Eclipse

The first of 4 lunar eclipses’ of 2014 will take place during the night between April 14 -15 beginning at 2:00 AM EDT.  This full moon is called the Blood Moon due to the red hue during its total eclipse. … Read More

Rainbow Psychics Radio

Something special this Saturday, April 5th. A radio show featuring yours truly about making the connection with tarot and the energy healing of Reiki. It airs at 1:00 PM Pacific and 4:00 PM. Eastern time. It’s free and I’d love … Read More

Ace of Pentacles

Exciting New Endeavours April is going to be an interesting and exciting month.  There are so many new things on the horizon.  I have a new eBook that will soon be launched and shortly after that an online course on … Read More

Healer of Cups

Heal Your Heart Walking along the beach as the tide comes in it is little wonder to me that the tarot card that is associated with emotions and the heart is cups and the element of water. There is such … Read More

Life Interrupted

In 2012 I took the leap of faith that we find is the entire message behind the first card in the Major Aracana. I left my corporate career to follow the dreams my heart and spirit had sang to me … Read More

Hope is in the Air

It is Thanksgiving here and my favourite season. I love fall with all its splendour and colours. The air is crisp and change is just around the corner. Soon the wind will have aided in the journey of all the … Read More

Exciting Times Ahead

In the middle of a crazy week of unbelievable amounts of work to try and meet deadlines, between periods of fatigue and fibro pain comes my muse and an exciting idea of where to go from here. After the completion … Read More

Finding Joy in Every Step

Take Time To Celebrate The Three of Pentacles is a reminder to celebrate all successes including those small ones that we so often neglect to recognize. When the Three of Pentacles comes into your life it bursts forth with the … Read More

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