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Angels all Around Us

SacredToday I wanted to share a particular card that has truly evolved since it was created for the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.  The Protector of Wands or what in many traditional decks is the Knight of Wands has taken on a whole new persona since the deck was published.

Spirit has told me time and again each time this card has appeared in a reading for someone that it is a direct connection to that person’s guardian angel.  When I first got this feeling I was hesitant to share it with the client and then decided if I truly believed that intuitive reading is the most meaningful that I needed to go with what I was sensing.  Sure enough, once I began sharing the message about their guardian angel a big smile appeared on his face.  His wife who was sitting beside him at the time and up until that point had almost appeared doubtful about the reading I was giving, sat up more attentively and looked at her husband with surprise.  The whole purpose and message for the reading was that it was important for him to remember that even though things had been difficult that his guide was still there for him.  His wife reached across and squeezed his hand and both of them smiled.  Sometimes as readers we get the chance to reconnect people with what they need the most.

After that first time I didn’t really think it meant I would have to reconsider what I had originally documented and written in the booklet about this card but since then, each and every time the card has come up in a spread it has been about the querent’s guardian angel.  Each time when I spoke to them they were never surprised and it always held a particular meaning for them as to why they were making themselves known in the present situation they found themselves in.  Somehow the elements I created for this important card are the ones that spirit has chosen to represent the angels or spirit guides we all have that are with us, whether we are aware of them or not.

I have always felt connected to many guides in my life angelic, animal and other spiritual beings, and I feel comforted knowing that tarot is helping me to connect others with not only the message from the cards but from spirit and their own guides as well.

© 2015 Carmen Waterman - The Protector of WandsAffirmation for The Protector of Wands:

♥ Angels all around us ♥ 

May you always know that you are not alone and that there is an angel watching over you.

Brightest Blessings

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  1. latinoscorp
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    This is a turning pint I feel, coming to terms that “is helping me to connect others with not only the message from the cards but from spirit and their own guides as well.”

    This is, in my view, the most important part of any reading.

    • Rainbow Travellers
      | Reply

      Thanks my friend, I truly feel this way too!

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