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true to yourself


Hello my beautiful friends. Welcome to my new website and blog.

Creating this site has been a long time coming and in so many ways it is about being true to myself.

I have been on a spiritual journey for decades and I am now ready to share all of my gifts and the lessons I’ve learned along the way. One of my first biggest lessons was how important it was for me to be authentic. I needed to know who I really was, and to stop trying to be what I was not. I learned that I didn’t fit into some roles, and certainly not some jobs or careers. I learned the importance of being with people who liked me for who I was, and not who they wanted me to be. I knew all along how important it was for me to help others and encourage kindness, acceptance, understanding and hope.

It is not easy in a world that is so focused on commercialism, profit, the bottom line, and manipulation. It often seems overwhelming and so many people are trapped in jobs and situations where they feel they have no way out. No way to do the things they love to do, and even for that matter what it is they would like to do. Often what people know is that something is missing, that they need to do something different because what they are doing is hurting them, and even making them sick.

RainbowGypsy embodies my spirit and soul. It is a name I have used forever in sharing my artwork and in many online communities. When I first began to create my own tarot deck it was an easy decision to call it the Rainbow Travellers Tarot. I believe we are all travellers in this world. That we are all looking to find our way, to make the right decisions and to understand what we are experiencing. The tarot is one of the tools I have used to develop and connect with my own intuition and a divine and universal wisdom that is ancient and available to those who seek to learn.

With more than 30 years in corporate business management and much of that in employee development and training, it took me some time to embrace the fact I could share all of this experience as myself, as RainbowGypsy. I never really fit into the square boxes of corporate regimes. I was always a bit of an eccentric LOL (if only they knew the half of it). People always mattered to me more than goals, the bottom line and don’t even get me started on management by fear.  While it was hard, I always spoke my mind. I knew that in itself would limit me to the level of management I would rise to, but that was fine. I didn’t like the politics and I certainly did not appreciate hidden agendas or bullying. Needless to say it was a great day when I left to step out on my own and to self-publish my first tarot deck.

Fast forward 5 more years and so many life lessons; I’ve reached a place where I am excited to be me. I have started and stopped many times in the last few years. I have self-published my first tarot deck, with a new one in progress, and my artwork and courses I have been building that will all be shared as RainbowGypsy. I have finally let go of the need to be someone I am not. I don’t have to put on a false professional front that really isn’t who I am.

I am RainbowGypsy, a dreamer and artist, an intuitive empath and tarot reader, a reiki healer and soul coach, an INFP and idealist who believes in magic, hope, and never giving up. I love fantasy and connecting with things beyond what we can see. I love to have fun, to laugh, to enjoy the beauty of nature and spending time with the people I love, our kids, grandkids, and fur-babies. I enjoy quiet alone time, reading and music that touches my heart and rocks my soul.

It takes time and can be a roller coaster journey, to go inside and get to know who you really are, though it is worth every step of the way. Don’t be afraid to be yourself, to make the time to find out what your real passion is, what your dreams are, what you really want to do, what and who is really important in your life. Don’t follow someone else’s dreams or try to fit into what others want or expect of you. There is a world out there that truly wants to see you shine. I look forward to getting to know you and to encourage you to find your way home and to follow your dreams.


“The day she let go of the things that no longer served her, 

was the day she truly felt free and began to shine her own light.”

Artwork and quote by RainbowGypsy

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