Hello Dear Hearts!!  ✰¸.•.¸♥

I am so excited to be able to connect with you! The internet is such a blessing in helping us to come together with those that can make a difference in our lives. I know it has certainly opened the world to me and I am so grateful for the amazing and wonderful people that I get to visit with on a regular basis from all over the world.

I am an intuitive empath and have been reading tarot for more than 15 years and I love to help people find and live their own dreams. My deep exploration of the tarot inspired me to create and self-publish my own tarot deck, The Rainbow Travellers Tarot is the deck I use to provide insightful and empowering readings for my clients. The cards encourage you to look more deeply into your situation and inner beliefs. They become a force for personal growth that helps you to find your own inner wisdom and provide the keys to unlocking your fullest potential.

Prior to creating my own tarot deck, I worked for decades in Corporate Management specialising in the area of training and development. I am a certified MBTI facilitator and have delivered workshops and individual coaching sessions on innate preferences and self-development. The aspect of sharing this tool that identifies personality types and preferences that is so exciting, is helping others to be the best they can be, and most importantly, finding their bliss… and living it!

My own personal journey has given me some amazing wisdom and insights that I openly and gladly share.  Healing has been a big part of my path as I live with chronic and invisible disabilities. I have my level 3 Masters in 3 Reiki modalities, Usui, Seichim and Kundalini. I connect most strongly with Kundalini energy which I have always used when doing Reiki sessions.

I am so excited to be launching my new website where I can reach out and share with you all the wonderful and creative projects I have been working on, including a new tarot deck that has me awake at night with all kinds of beautiful imagery and stories to tell.

If I was to list some of the things about myself that sums up who Rainbow Gypsy is, it would probably look something like this:

I am:

a dreamer and artist;

an intuitive empath and tarot reader;

a reiki healer and soul coach;

an INFP and idealist;

I love fantasy and believe in magic;

I love to channel my guides and inner gypsy;

I love to have fun and to laugh; and

kindness is my superpower.