13th Full Moon of 2012

Today heralds a very special full moon, the 13th and last full moon of 2012.  I have always been drawn to the moon so it is no surprise that my muse felt a deep desire to create an image that spoke from my heart.

This year has been such an incredible shift and transition for me.  A time of truly becoming authentic and doing what my heart has been calling me to do for some time.  It has been a crazy wild ride that has not been without it’s own share of hairpin curves that I took with breathless abandon.  I have done more in the past 8 months than I’ve achieved personally in the past 10 years.  That is not to say that my previous years have not been pivotal in providing me with the experience and wisdom to take the steps I have needed to take in order to manifest what I had longed for.  It is just when I look back on what has occurred and all that has been going on at the same time.  I am truly amazed.

I feel humbled and filled with gratitude for all of the support I have had from loved ones and friends, old and new.  There really is a whole lot of goodness in this world and while the news bombards us daily with tragedy it is important to hold close to what is good and to be an instrument of change for the better.

I have learned so much:

  • I have learned that no matter what, I still have to recognize and respect that I have a disability that limits how much I can do at times and that loving kindness and self-compassion albeit difficult is worth practising daily.
  • I have learned that patience is a virtue that I continue to need to work on *smiling -yes I even heard it from a gifted seer that had never met me before, that this was one of my biggest challenges for this lifetime*  While I’ve kind of known this and my wife would be the first to agree, it is something that I need to remind myself at times when I get overly excited and think it should all happen now 😉  Especially when it comes to finding so many things to work on and no time to declutter or organize
  • I’ve learned that if you are given a chance to let go of old hurts that it can open the door to real healing and a joy that you had thought lost forever
  • I’ve learned that sharing my gift of intuitive readings with my tarot deck has opened up a whole new world for me with endless possibilities and opportunities, and that combining that with my Reiki, my passion and certification in MBTI and coaching is what I have always meant to be doing
  • I’ve found validation, clarity and insights that continue to grow as I connect with kindred spirits and others that are sharing in this journey
  • I’ve been blessed by the genuine and unconditional love of my wife, soulmate and best friend who fills my life with magic and hope
  • I’m grateful for the support and love of our daughter Karalynn who has been struggling with her own challenges and yet helps out every way she can and is one of my greatest supporters
  • I’m grateful for the support and love of our daughter Richelle who has diligently hand sewn and crafter the beautiful tarot bags that come with the Rainbow Travellers Tarot.  Not to mention the joy of our little grandson
  • and I’m grateful to all of the people who have been following along  and have become a part of the “Rainbow Travellers Tribe.”  Your support has been amazing and has touched my heart so many times.

So on the eve of the Full Moon I would love to share this with all of you!  Thank you for the blessings you have brought into my life!

Full Moon Blessings

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